Game Face Skate Sharpening

It's tough to get your gameface on when your skates has been sabotaged with a poor sharpening. In order to reach your highest potential your skates require the attention of an experienced professional. Rob Kazlauski will spend the time to customize your sharpening according to your individual needs.

Quality Sharpening Services

Hockey skates Goalie skates Figure skates New skates Biohazard (left in hockey bag) skates
$5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $7.00 $20.00

Photo of skate being sharpened

Rob has been sharpening skates for fifteen years and sharpens on average fifty pairs of skates per week. Rob's standard sharpening would be a 5/8 inch hollow. See the Skate Sharpening Science page for explanation of hollow and contour radiuses.